Staying Happy and Productive at Work

Working to earn a living is an essential part of adulthood and takes up the longest period of time in one’s life. This is one of the reasons why it’s highly plausible that they will face issues with regard to their mental health at one point, which will hinder their productivity at work. It can reduce the quality and quantity of work output that they produce and the leading cause is mental disorders such as depression. WHO research states that over 300 million people are victims of depression and work disability as a result of it.

Having friends at the workplace and being praised on successful projects all contribute to job satisfaction and lower stress levels which can reduce risks of physical illness such as cardiovascular disease. One of the reasons that employees face ‘burnout’ is because of doing monotonous and mundane work which stunts their creativity. To reduce the chances of burnout, employees should look towards new work tasks which are challenging and allow them to be creative. One other reason is a feeling of not having any control over one’s work. Feeling like you’re a slave of the system will result in anything but productivity so talk to your supervisor about how you can manage your assignments and have control over your workload.

Many organizations and corporations are shifting their concern towards employee mental health and many of them have started workplace wellness programs which focus on stress-reducing activities and advice. This includes exercise which can be used as an outlet to relieve stress and financial management advice which can help employees handle their debts without succumbing to stress. Other than wellness programs there are other ways to improve mood and increase the feeling of happiness in the workplace. Interacting, engaging with peers and aiming to help others with tasks are all little things that can improve one’s mental health. You can test your knowledge about the importance of good mental health at the workplace by taking a quiz.

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