Why Standing Desks Make You More Productive?

Do you know sitting is killing you with the speed of a tortoise? This is really the main reason that you should push yourself to use a standing desk and not sit at work all day. The latest study by the Scientific and Health Center of Texas A&M University, published on May 24th states that standing up makes you more productive. The number of studies tends to prove this right as “sitting kills more than tobacco.” On average, if you are sitting 9 hours a day there are 40% chances of dying in the next 15 years. Stuck in the office chair for long hours would not only be bad for the back but will also make you obese, increase the risk of heart attack, and so on.

As per the above-shared study from the University of Texas Science and Health Center, standing up makes you more efficient. Also, the standing employees would be 46% more productive than others. It is also proved in different researches that the working in a standing position burns 30% more calories than sitting. Beyond the improvements in the health, the standing desks have other virtues for the companies like more motivated employees, decrease in absenteeism, more collaboration, improving productivity, and energetic at work. The US study reveals that 62% of the employees feel more fulfilled at work when they make use of standing desks than the chairs. For instance, you can take this workplace health quiz to know more information about how standing desks help well-being.

Now, the question arises, why standing up would increase more productivity? The answer is simple; staying upright can sink a fall asleep effect well known to the workers in the office. So, it is quite logical to be in a kind of drowsy state after lunch. Standing up can, therefore, limit the effect of falling asleep and be immediately much more operational at any time of the day. Have you ever noticed how less tired you are when you are out pausing after two completed files? Well, the effect of the “standing desk” is the same for the body. Take a moment to browse HealthIQ.com and explore more health-related and a mélange of other quizzes.